Why am I chasing greenhouse gases?

Sheer curiosity about how things work and an interest in astrophysics drove me towards studying physics. I then found environmental physics, which is a complex, challenging, confusing and chaotic, but beautiful field of research that immediately felt tangible and important. Environmental science, being a young discipline, falls between the “classic” disciplines and the opportunity to meet more colleagues that work on this problem, in a different corner (Chemistry, Biology, Economics) is enriching our research every day.

Maybe it is those highly connected systems where our attention needs to be going more in future - although they are far away from nicely controlled laboratory experiment. Working with complex systems like: the brain and its emerging properties, animal population behaviour, ecosystems, polymeric reactions, … , or the environment is challenging but also rewarding. Many concepts like “relativity versus objectivity” moved from philosophy through mathematics before eventually revolutionising Newtonian physics - maybe it is the time that science moves further into complex and connected systems to meet the humanities and social sciences there to address the questions at this frontier.

So, there are definitely a lot more questions than answers in environmental science - which means we are lucky: after all, learning something new is really exciting, no?