The chaire industrielle BridGES of P. Ciais brings together the expertise of a group of LSCE scientists that work on site, city and regional scale. The activities include understanding emissions of Greenhouse Gases from industrial facilities, quantifying emissions from large urban areas and investigating the capabilities of remote sensing systems to measure and monitor atmospheric GHG concentrations in this Environments. The team includes experts in numerical modelling, GHG measurements and team members between those two worlds. Two PhD students have joined the team which is coordinated by G. Broquet. For me being part of this "task force" is exciting as we have often get access to industrial sites, where many academics could not have done their research. This chaire also helps to better understand the perspective of industrial partners and their means and efforts to reducing climate relevant gases, Our research results really find the way to the desk of decision makers in committed industries/companies/divisions. Improving the knowledge about emissions there and identifying potentials for reductions is where this work should be leading.